Vacation Homes For Sale..... Sold Turnkey

Agents & Brokers

Income property Buyers Agents Welcome!  Vacation Holdings, LLC represents our own properties as the Seller and will cooperate with Agents and Brokers. Please note that we are only interested in selling these properties as an on-going vacation rental business. 

  • All showings must be coordinated through us and must be on a renter's turn-around day as our guests are extremely important to our on going business relationship. 
  • All showings will require a pre-qualification letter from a bank (sorry loan broker letters are no longer acceptable). 
  • Please register names of interested clients immediately and have potential buyers submit Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and review financial prior to a viewing. 
  • We pay standard commission rates on any contract submitted, accepted and closed

Referral Bonus

For those folks who were searching the internet and came across our Purchase Turnkey website we pay a referral bonus of $10,000 on the sale of any of the properties we have listed.

How do I submit a Referral ?

To register just send us a Purchase Turnkey Inquiry with the name of the prospective buyer. We will send you back a referral bonus confirmation number.